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FUZZU Fast Food, Gator & Pizza with Organic Catnip Cat Toy

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FUZZU Fast Food Gator & Pizza with Organic Catnip Cat Toy. This two-in-one toy looks like an alligator chasing a pizza and is so charming you won't even mind tripping over it. It's filled with enough certified organic catnip to send your cat into attack mode and is made with non-toxic materials to keep your fur-ocious baby safe. Don't wait 'til later to fetch this gator, 'cause it may just sell out!

Key Features:

  • It's an alligator chasing a pizza. What more could you want in a cat toy?
  • Filled with 100% US-grown certified organic catnip.
  • Consists of two printed felt stuffed toys tethered together with satin cord.
  • Made with all non-toxic materials, for cats who like to live clean.
  • Comes with a cute keepsake storybook telling the story of Fast Food toys. Collect all three toys in the series!

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