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  4. Gizmo & Hazco (02/02/09)

Gizmo & Hazco (02/02/09)

Name: Gizmo & Hazco
Breed: Puggle
Submitted by:
Joseph & Steven


Gizmo was born August 18, 2006. When he did something silly...we affectionately called him 'Jerky'. On the web site about a year after getting Gizmo...there was a new litter of puggles. They were born August 18, 2007. One was named Jerky. We looked at each other and knew right away it was meant to be. We immediately contacted them and told them that we...and Gizmo...wanted Jerky to come live here. We were informed us Jerky had the same parents as Gizmo. So...Gizmo got his real brother, born exactly one year later, named by the ranch what we playfully called Gizmo at times. We picked up Gizmo's little brother and drove back to the house. We got Gizmo, and brought him up to the street to meet we renamed him...on neutral turf. They were very excited to meet each other. After a while, we brought them both back to the house. It was a bit strange for Gizmo, since all the other dogs he ever met anywhere were only around for a short time. Hazco wasn't going anywhere. Gizmo finally figured out the little guy was staying. He gave in and took Hazco under his wing...or paw. Now they are inseparable. It's like Gizmo has a 'mini me' around all the time. You can tell they're brothers by their looks, their personalities, and their terrific dispositions. Gizmo loves having a little brother. Hazco loves being so loved. We couldn't be any happier.

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