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GloFish Aquarium Water Conditioner (4 oz)

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GloFish Aquarium Water Conditioner. Make tap water safe for your GloFish with Tetra GloFish Aquarium Water Conditioner. Tap water contains chemicals like chlorine and heavy metals that are toxic to fish. Tetra GloFish Aquarium Water Conditioner removes these toxins to make tap water safe. It also contains unique immune boosters, stress reducers and slime protectant to promote health and coloration.

Key Benefits:

  • Creates ideal conditions for GloFish
  • Supports maximum color
  • Contains immune boosters and stress reducers
  • Promotes health with slime protectant
  • Works well with GloFish Color Booster

Useful Information

Shake well. For weekly maintenance; add two teaspoons (10 ml or one capful) per 10 gallons. Beneficial for all tropical fish. Use GloFish Water Conditioner to treat/de-chlorinate all tap water.

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