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GlycoFlex III Reviews

VetriScience Laboratories produces a wide array of veterinary-strength supplements that promote different aspects of health in pets. Their product line includes essential products that promote diverse benefits such as immune system health, gastrointestinal system health, and joint health. Among the joint supplements available from VetriScience is Glyco Flex III, a supplement specially formulated to alleviate joint pain and strengthen joints in senior dogs or particularly active dogs.

Glyco Flex III is a popular joint supplement that is available as treats, bite-size chews, or chewable tablets. Each form of the supplement is formulated with glucosamine to promote joint repair and recovery in aging dogs. As dogs get older, their natural supply of glucosamine- an amino acid used as material in the construction of cartilage- begins to decline. By supplying your dog with this and other nutrients essential to joint repair and general health- these supplements can vastly improve your pet's quality of life.

Indeed, if you want to protect your dog's joints as they age then this supplement is your ideal choice. To reassure you of this truth, we've compiled this list of real reviews from actual customers that have purchased Glyco Flex III.

If you want to know exactly how well Glyco Flex works- look no further than to Lynne and her dog for a shining example of the miracles Glyco Flex III can cause in your pet.

"My 11 year old 70 lb. American Staffordshire Terrier developed a severe limp after years of chasing squirrels and balls. The Vet confirmed degenerative arthritis in both hips and I could see the spurs on the x-rays. He sold me a 120 tab bottle of GFIII for $88 and when it came time for a refill, I found this site. After being on it for 3 months at two tabs per day, my baby is running around like a puppy again with no visible limp."

Lynne's story shows not only that Glyco Flex works well- but that EntirelyPets has it for a great price! But how fast does Glyco Flex III take before it starts improving your pet's health?

"Glyco-Flex is a great product as it relieves my dogs joint problems She is 13 years old now and on Glyco-Flex III. At 11 she was treated by a vet and placed on Glyco-Flex II. Although it took about two weeks to see results, she stopped limping. She just recently moved to Glyco-Flex III due to her advancing age. I give one tablet a day and she is 65 pounds. I am very happy with this product and would recommend it to anyone who has a dog with joint issues."

Deborah's review shows us the amazingly rapid pace at which this supplement works. Alright. It works fast- and it works well. But how does it compare to other joint supplements? Just ask Tank and his Great Dane!

"I have a Great Dane that is 7 years old with a shoulder problem and went as far as to see a specialist about it to no avail. The problem was, not the specialist, it was the fact that my dog would walk off the pain after about 5-10 steps (now, keep in mind, my girl is an athletic Dane and hikes regularly). So, I decided to put her on Recovery Extra Strength. I did this for 6 months as it was highly recommended by quite a few professionals in the vet/dog world. I was not impressed. There were possible slight differences but nothing to be 'wowed' about. Then I heard about Glyco Flex III. I thought, "what the heck. I'll give it a try." I'm telling you, after about 2 weeks, you would never know she had a shoulder problem. I was overly impressed and highly recommended it to fellow dog park goers of all breeds. My friend who is a fellow Great Dane owner has a boy that has some pretty bad joint issues and he is only 4 years old. She finally put him on Glyco Flex III and has jumped aboard my boat in speaking very highly of this product and she too had her dog on Recovery with no strong differences in helping the discomfort. We say 'Goodbye Recovery, Hello Glyco Flex.' Give it a try, we strongly believe you will love it too!"

Tank's story shows that Glyco Flex III is not only effective- but it's more effective than other leading joint supplements. With these great reviews- what else could possibly improve your opinion of this amazing supplement? How about 20 years of reliable, consistent quality as reported by a professional breeder?

"I have used this product for over 20 years. Having raised and shown purebred dogs, I've seen torn cruciate ligaments as well as aging and joint arthritis. This product has always resulted in significant improvement in movement and pain reduction. I always turn to it first. It was recommended to me by another breeder. I've also recommended it to puppy buyers who have had the same result. I highly recommend it."

Thanks, we're glad you like it! With these glowing reviews, it's no wonder this supplement is rated 4.86 stars out of 5 with more than 500 reviews! Have you used Glyco Flex III? How do you like it? Leave an email or a review in our review section to let us know! And to further support your pet's bones- try feeding your pet Bonies Joint Formula, for a functional treat that tastes great!