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GoDog Toys with ChewGuard

The goDog Checkers Flying Pig with Chew Guard is a high-quality, durable squeak toy that your dog will love. This comically designed flying pig toy features checkered plush material to create a unique texture. Small nuances like crinkling wings and a braided tail set this toy apart from others both aesthetically and in terms of providing an optimal play experience for your dog.

The goDog Checkers Flying Pig with Chew Guard is built with Chew Guard Technology, meaning that a durable liner is included inside it to stand up to even the toughest play. This flying pig toy is a small, making it perfect for small and medium-sized dogs. You'll never find a better toy for your dog- not even when pigs fly- so order today!

Key Features:
  • Checkered exterior and squeaker in interior provide unique texture and enticing noise that dogs love
  • Built with Chew Guard Technology for added durability
  • Available in two sizes