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Gretel 9/10/14

Pet of the Week
Pet of the Week photo Breed:Dachshund
Location:Seattle, Washington
OwnerJessica Rhae
Gretel was rescued at 10-months old from the Motley Zoo Rescue in Washington. She loves to go on mountain hikes with her brother Chester and her mom Jessica Rhae. Her first hike was 4 miles uphill in the snow where she loves to follow Chester up trails. She was not very socialized as a puppy but has since learned to work on her habit of growling and barking at other dogs and people she doesn’t know. Gretel is very sweet and loving and has the tendency to take naps when she is not out exploring new places. Gretel is one of the inspirations behind You Did What With Your Weiner. You can find Gretel on Facebook or on Twitter @YDWWYW

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