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Halloween Pet Safety

Halloween can be an exciting time for both you and your pet — but it can also be a dangerous one. Most holidays present unique challenges that require our attention. With the proper preparations, however, you can ensure that your pet is both safe and happy this Halloween. To help you make these preparations, we've compiled this list of safety tips to make your pet's Halloween a real treat!

Keep Candy Away
from Your Pet

Most people know that chocolate is toxic to dogs, but many pet owners forget that other types of candy can prove dangerous as well. Though not all candy is noxious to cats or dogs, hard candy can be a choking hazard and other candies may contain toxic ingredients. For example, xylitol is a common ingredient in gum that is extremely toxic to dogs. Instead of taking an unnecessary risk by feeding your pet candy – offer your pet a treat, such as Bonies or Kitty Kaviar.

Comfortable Costumes

Costumes can be an unnecessary source of stress and anxiety for pets. Ensure that your pet is comfortable in a costume before trying to have him wear one. Some pets love to dress up – while others hate the feeling of restriction. If you really want to dress your pet for the occasion, find a comfortable costume and follow our Costume Guide to ensure that your pet will comfortable on the big day.

Dangerous Decorations

Jack-o-lanterns and dry ice can make for a fantastically spooky atmosphere – but they can also put your pet in serious danger. Lights and flames can quickly become fires if your pet has anything to say about it. Dry ice can be extremely painful to touch and fake cobwebs can cause serious illness if ingested by your pet. Keep your furry friends safe by ensuring that your decorations are secure and inaccessible.

Stay Visible While Trick-or-Treating

It can be extremely enjoyable to wander the streets the night of Halloween and appreciate the decorations and costumes of your neighbors. However, all trick-or-treaters should be sure to wear bright colors or neon strips to make sure that they are visible to drivers in the dark. You can keep your pet visible by attaching a light to their collar or costume. It's also a good idea to keep your pet nearby with a short leash to prevent your pet from darting off or entering a confrontation.

Keep Your Pet Relaxed

The havoc of Halloween can excite or upset any pet. If your pet is afraid of people or is easily spooked by loud noises or unfamiliar settings then it may be a good idea to keep your pet inside during the festivities. Even when sheltered from the outside world, however, some pets may still feel restless. Keep your pet calm with a specially formulated treat or supplement, or use a diffuser or spray that uses artificial pheromones to relax your pet.

Use ID Tags

It is extremely important, especially if you are going out with your pet, to ensure that they have an ID tag on their collar. Whether your pet is outside or indoors, the festivities can easily scare or startle your pet and cause them to run away. It's important to have your contact information and your dog or cat's name on the tag to help any potential good Samaritans return your pet as quickly as possible.

We hope these tips help you keep your pet safe this holiday and that you and your pet both have a very happy Halloween!

Halloween Pet Safety