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Top 13 Scariest Animal Movies

Get ready for Halloween and grab a scary movie. Here at EntirelyPets, we have put together the best Halloween movies with animals from past to present. These scary movies are perfect for Halloween and will make your night a frightful one. Enjoy our top 13 list of the scariest movies with animals.

#13 Sharknado (2013) Tornadoes and sharks are scary on their on rite but when combined they make for pure terror. Enjoy this mildly comedic attempt at horror that combines two destructive forces of nature into a whirlwind of horror. The premise of this movie may seem silly but a shark in a tornado is no laughing matter (apparently). In the words of one character, "Sharks. I never saw that coming."

#12 Frozen (2010) So, Frozen isn't just a scary animal movie- it's more of a scary movie that features animals. But that doesn't mean it doesn't belong on this list- this psychological thriller will have you horrified of the slopes. A group of of skiiers try to make the last run of the day and through some unfortunate luck and unique circumstances, they wind up stranded on the ski lift. Sure enough, when one of them decides to take the leap to find help, he finds that there are a pack of wolves who have other plans for the unfortunate skiier.

#11 Deep Blue Sea (1999) What's scarier than being trapped in an underwater station that's slowly filling with water? If you said sharks- prepare to be one-upped. This movie features sharks that have been genetically engineered to be more intelligent than your average human. Watch as a team of scientists wonders why making a super-intelligent shark was even a discussion. Check out this movie that makes the team from Jurassic Park look like they knew what they were doing.

#10 Rise of the Planet of the Apes (2011) Have you heard the saying, "This place is bananas!" Watch this action-packed thriller and you will be saying so much more. You will be holding on to the edge of your seat because the apes in this movie look mean, scary and they are even smart! Learn how the apes from the classic THe Planet of the Apes came to power in this thrilling prequel!

#9 Anaconda (1997) Ana who? Ana-ther movie about snakes! But this movie is not just about your friendly pet snake. This movie is about the world’s largest snake, the anaconda. Not only is it huge, but it is one of the most deadliest snakes on the planet. Good luck trying to scream for help as this anaconda squeezes you to death.

#8 Black Water (2008) Why would any family vacation take place in a swamp? Apparently the family in this movie called Black Water do. This terrifying tale is based on true events of a family traveling to the swamps in Northern Australia. However, they are in for a real treat because horrific predators like a huge crocodile are trying to eat them for dinner.

#7 Prey (2007) Fairly new to the terror scene, Lions make one of their first appearances in a scary film in the 2007 film, The Prey. The movie opens with a campy family trip to Africa. All is going as expected until the Safari becomes a life and death struggle. The family become the unwitting "prey" to a group of stalking lions that hope to make them their next meal.

#6 The Grey (2011) After watching Taken, it's hard not to be terrified of Liam Neeson. So what could scare the man that strikes fear in the heart of kidnappers? Wolves and deadly weather. In this horror flick, a small group struggles to survive after their plane crashes in Alaska. As though the weather conditions didn't make the scene grim enough, they find themselves stalked by a pack of wolves with appetites...

#5 The Birds (1963) This movie might be old, but it's definitely not "for the birds". This Alfred Hitchcock’s classic features a small town in the San Francisco Bay Area under attack from huge waves of birds. These birds want to dominate the city in a deadly way. You'll never look at a bird the same way after watching this movie.

#4 Piranha (1978 & 2010) Humans love to eat fish- but in this movie fish love to eat humans! This movie is about prehistoric man-eating fish that are accidently released into the river called…you guessed it….Piranhas! Scores of summer resort guests fall victim to the fish Teddy Roosevelt once stated "The head with its short muzzle, staring malignant eyes, and gaping, cruelly armed jaws, is the embodiment of evil ferocity; and the actions of the fish exactly match its looks."

#3 Lake Placid (1999) If you're anything like the cartoon character Archer, then you probably have a crippling fear of giant crocs- and I 'm not referring to the comfortable (but hideous) shoes. If you are- then Lake Placid will scare you to the core! The movie centers on a lake infested with man-eating 30 foot long crocodiles. These crocodiles are terrorizing a small town in Maine with a dysfunctional group trying to capture and destroy them. Where is Crocodile Dundee when you need him?

#2 Rogue (1983) Yet another film featuring one of the only living creatures that are physically comparable to the dinosaurs, Rogue tells another tale of crocodile-inspired terror. Rogue is the story of an American journalists journey to Australia. If Australia wasn't horrifying enough with its spiders and boxing kangaroos, a crocodile sets its sights on the journalist with insidious intentions.

#1 Jaws (1975) This iconic movie utilized a variety of innovative techniques to develop a long-lasting galeophobic episode in viewers that's still active today. A simple animatronic Great White Shark made summer blockbuster history as it transformed the shark into an infamous animal that would go on to have its own week. This movie defined the suspense of classic horror with a score that gives people chills and still inspires images of an impending shark attack.