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Meet Han Solo, The Cat Who Chose His Humans

Pet of the Week Pet of the Week
Breed Domestic Short-hair
Location Bellingham, Washington
Human Caitlyn O.
Story Han entered our lives in such a powerful way. My boyfriend and I had to put down our previous adopted cat after just two short months of having him, due to a fast growing tumor. We weren't sure if we were ready to get another cat but decided to stop at our locate shelter to take a peek. We sat in their cat colony room and hung out for awhile when a big black cat walked straight to us and have us a few good rubs before plopping down in my lap. He decided for us. We took Han home a few days later. Our previous cat didn't get to live a long life so we try to give Han everything in the world. He is harness trained and will come just about everywhere with us. His favorite spot (pictured) is at a local brewery, Wander Brewing. Han will spend his days there, sitting on the benches next to my boyfriend or I, dog watching or demanding pets from the everyone around him. Han is one of a kind.
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