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  4. Haylie (11/4/13)

Haylie (11/4/13)

Pet of the Week
Pet of the Week photo Breed:Mixed
OwnerSasha Clelland
This is Haylie. When she was merely a month old, she was confiscated from her owners by the police. She was skin and bones, starved, and horribly beaten. She had lived in a small kennel outside in the dead of winter with no food, and no water. After she was taken away, she was put in to foster care where she stayed for 3 months until the shelter felt that she was stable enough to go to a new home.

In July 2012, I went to the shelter and found her cowering in the corner of a run. Something in me just said she was meant for me, and we left together and haven't been apart since. For the past year we've been together, I have struggled to reverse the behaviors that stemmed from her horrid treatment as a small pup. Now, at almost two years old, she has turned into the most loyal and trusting dog I've ever met. She's done so well that I even introduced a new puppy into this forever home. Haylie has even taken on the roll of being Chevelles mom! :)

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