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Holiday Traveling with your Pets

The holiday season is upon us and for many of us that amounts to traveling to visit relatives and enjoy well deserved vacations. For those of us with pets, however, travel can be quite the ordeal. How long is the trip? Are you driving or flying? What accommodations for your pet will be available in your area?

To help you answer these questions and plan your upcoming trip, weíve compiled important information that we hope youíll find useful. Enjoy this comparison of travel options for our furrier travelers to help you make the best decision for them.
Flying with a Pet
Traveling in a car is a common practice that many of us do regularly when running errands or visiting friends, but traveling with pets for long distances can require more preparation. Pet safety is important and many states emphasize this point through legislation. Below is a map of the states that require petís have a harness or restraint when traveling in cars.

Additionally, be sure to take ample breaks from the road to give your pet a chance to stretch, use the restroom, and eat and drink. Be sure to pack enough treats, water, food, and toys to make sure the trip is enjoyable. Lastly, make sure to bring your petís first aid kit for emergencies or minor incidents.
States with Pet Required Vehicle Restraint Legislation
Flying with a Pet
Flying with your pet requires ample research and preparation, so itís best to only fly with your pet if youíre traveling a considerably long distance. Most airlines require that your animal has a health certificate, a certified document that obtained from a veterinarian within a ten day period preceding your flight.

You should also be completely familiar with the airlineís pet policy, as this may limit certain breeds of dog from flying and will determine whether or not your pet flies in the cabin or in the cargo area. Finally, itís important for your pet and for the comfort of others that your pet is calm and relaxed throughout the journey. Try using a calming treat or spray if your dog is prone to anxiety while traveling.
Flying with a Pet
If youíre unable to bring your pet with you, itís important that you find a place for your pet to stay while youíre away. Even with self-timed feeders and a doggie door, pets need to interact with people or other pets to stay stimulated.

If you canít bring your pet with you, look for a veterinary clinic or dog hotel in your area that can take care of your dog while you are away. Look into their offerings and look for any services that will provide your pet with both socialization time (with other pets) and individual time (with pet care takes).
Flying with a Pet
If you can travel with your pet- be sure to make a checklist of things to pack for your pet during your holiday trip. This will avoid having to shop while on your trip if you forget something. Be prepared and shop early. Below is a checklist of items that you can buy at EntirelyPets.
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Checked Box Packing Checklist
Checkbox Pet ID Tags
Checkbox Pet Toys
Checkbox Pet Food
Checkbox Pet Feeding Supplies
Checkbox Pet Waste Removal Supplies
Checkbox Vitamins for Immunity
Checkbox Grooming & Hygiene
Checkbox Collars & Leashes
Checkbox Health & Safety
Checkbox Travel Gear