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HomeoPet Stress and Anxiety Solutions for Cats

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Storm Stress for Cats is a homeopathic remedy indicated for anxiety or anxiety induced conditions: fear of thunder, fireworks, wind, loud noises, gunshots, hurricanes and tornados, storms, stormy weather, and heavy thunderous rainfall. Signs your pet might be suffering may include: seeking a safe hiding place during storms, or compulsively seeking your company when frightened. Your pet might become destuctive, digging or chewing during storms or fireworks, or may be so scared that he or she may ignore your commands. Some animals suffer from fear-based urination or defecation. Your pet may tremble, shake or cower with fear, as well as bark, whimper, howl or meow during adverse weather events.

  • Fast acting liquid
  • Thunderstorms
  • Fireworks
  • Loud Noises
  • Hurricanes

  • The Storm Stress ingredients have been selected to have a synergistic action. They are combined at ultra dilute molecular concentration levels, resulting in a totally safe, non-sedating, non-toxic, side effect free product that is natural and effective. The ingredient profile is targeted to work in a wide range of animal types and across a wide range of fear and anxiety symptoms. These include thunderstorms, most weather conditions, loud noises and fireworks. The ingredients are the culmination of nearly 20 years of research and on-going product development and have been subject to extensive trialing. In university run trials and in clinical use by practicing veterinarians, the formualtion has shown no signs of side effects. Due to the high molecular dilution, the ingredients can be used in any treatment regimen without danger of drug interaction and are safe for use in animals with compromised organ function of any type. The absence of drug residues and the lack of negative side effects, make the product suitable for use in performance animals, as well as pets. All symptoms do not have to be present for Storm Stress to benefit the fear state in a patient.

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