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Hope (3/2/09)

Name: Hope
Breed:Shih Tzu
Submitted by:
Location: Virgina


Hope was found along the interstate and brought to a shelter. The shelter contacted us and asked for our help or she would be euthanized. This is a happy, darling baby, full of life and joy. However, she has no use of her 2 back legs. In order for her to get around, she hops and drags herself. The vet diagnosed the handicap as quadricep contracture' in both legs. There are surgical procedures available to correct this situation. First, however, she must have physical therapy and it will be our first line of defense. It seems like a deformity as she can't bend or move her legs and they stick out to the side. The courage, strength and loving disposition of this precious baby even after all she has been through is something we can all learn from.

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