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Horse Health Products Shur Hoof Dress (32oz)

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Ensure your horse's feet are in top condition by adding Horse Health Products Shur Deep-Penetrating Hoof Moisturizer to your care routine. This horse hoof dressing restores moisture and nourishes dry, brittle, and cracked hooves. It helps to prevent injury and stimulate healthy growth.

  • Penetrates deep into the hoof wall to help restore moisture to hard, dry and brittle hooves
  • Maintains elasticity for strong, flexible hooves
  • Enhances color, sheen and texture of hooves
  • Contains key ingredients fish oil, pine tar, turpentine and iodine

Useful Information

Wash the horse's hoof thoroughly. Apply SHUR HOOF™ Deep Penetrating Hoof Moisturizer with a brush and work well into the edge of the hair and frog. Use two or three times weekly. May be used more often if necessary.

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