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How to Administer Epakitin Powder

Epakitin Powder has been proven to support kidney function and combat the progression of Chronic Kidney Disease. By supplying your cat or dog with a source of chitosan, which bonds to phosphorous, Epakitin reduces phosphorous levels in your petís digestive system. This can be crucial in pets with Chronic Kidney Disease, as high levels of phosphorous can damage your petís kidneys.

Epakitin can work wonders for your petís renal health, which can increase his longevity and his quality of life. Epakitin includes more than just the phosphate-binding chitosan, as its inclusion of calcium and lactose work to promote overall health. These ingredients also work to combat the effects of Chronic Renal Failure.

Epakitin is the ideal medication for your pet because it is effective, safe, and easy to use. Epakitin was shown to be effective in two different clinical trials that found that it lowers phosphate levels and improves kidney health. These effects were tested both in the short term and over an extended trial period to show that Epakitin can be used regularly to maintain kidney and renal health.

Administration is as Easy As...

The formula is available in a powder that can be safely administered to both cats and dogs. There are three variations of Epakitin products; however, these variations only differ in the quantity of powder included. Each package includes the same formulation to deliver a consistent product with strength appropriate for all pets.

For both cats and dogs, the appropriate dosage is directly proportional to weight, such that one scoop of Epakitin is administered per 10 pounds of a petís weight during each administration. The appropriate dosage should then be administered to your pet twice daily. This allows pet owners to easily supplement multiple pets with one supply of the formula, so long as each petís weight is known.

To administer the formula, it is easiest to mix each dose in with your petís food. This is most easily done if you already feed your pet two times each day. If you do not already do so, split your petís recommended daily food intake into two equal meals. Find two times spaced throughout your day in which you can consistently feed your pet. With each timed-meal, administer one scoop per 10 pounds that your pet weighs. This means if your dog or cat weighs 30 pounds, you should administer 3 scoops of powder, twice a day.

To ensure that your cat ingests the full dose of powder each administration, be sure to mix it into the food and to mix in water or wet food if necessary. Also make sure that your pet has fresh water available while eating. Epakitin is safe to give to your pet daily to maintain and improve general health and combat the progression of Chronic Kidney Disease.

Alternative or Supplemental Supplement: Azodyl

Epakitin is a supplement that is only available in powdered form. For other forms of supplementation to combat Chronic Kidney Disease, try Azodyl capsules. Azodyl is produced by the same company as Epakitin, Vetóquinol®, to help support normal kidney function. This supplement is also safe for both cats and dogs.

Azodyl can be used to replace Epakitin; but, it is recommended that pet owners use it in conjunction with Epakitin to provide even more comprehensive nutrition. For more information on treating Chronic Kidney Disease, visit our Kidney and Renal Health Center.