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How To Keep Your Newly Adopted Pet Safe

Guest post by Scott Neuberger, CEO of Tagg the Pet Tracker This October is National Adopt-A-Dog month, so if youíre ready to make a commitment to a new furry friend, itís time to take a trip to your local shelter.
Adopt a Shelter Dog Month
However, itís important to know your facts first. According to the National Council on Pet Population Study and Policy, hundreds of thousands of pets go missing every year. Only 15 to 20 percent of lost dogs ever get returned to their owners. So before you grab the matching leash and collar, arm yourself with this knowledge to ensure your new addition stays happy, healthy...and safe.

Understand what your new pet is going through

For a period of at least three months after you bring your new family member home, be diligent about noting his behavior and overall demeanor. Does he seem nervous around your kids, hesitate to eat or drink, or cower when a stranger pets him? Despite their best intentions, many owners don't realize that recently adopted pets are in more danger of running away than even the most experienced escape artists. They have not yet bonded with their new families, they haven't learned their new name, they are in an unfamiliar place and are often scared and stressed. Building a love connection takes a bit of time with a new pet, but they often become incredible family members for a lifetime. Hereís how to ensure they stay safe.

Use GPS tracking

A microchip is only useful if your pet is lost, found and then scanned. Today, technology allows us to be proactive in keeping our pets safe with GPS tracking that ensures youíll be able to find your pet should they run away or become lost. Tagg the Pet Tracker is a device equipped with GPS that allows you to track your pet with the push of a button. Pet owners set up a ďTagg Zone,Ē or virtual fence, where their pet spends most of his time. Tagg alerts owners via text any time their pet wanders out of that zone, and provides location updates until owners are reunited with their dog or cat.

Make your backyard safe

The aforementioned experienced escape artists know all the tricks when it comes to maneuvering an outdated fence. But oftentimes, our new adopted buddies will just happen upon a loose board or hole just big enough to crawl through and, all of a sudden, we canít find them. Walk your backyard with the eyes of your dog and look for any trouble areas. A secure fence will give you peace of mind.

Alert guests to be wary when coming in the front door

New people can be frightening and stressful for your new pet, and if the front door is left wide open at the first introduction, your dog or cat may run outside out of panic. Make sure your family and friends know about your new little guy and stay careful when visiting. Bonus points if they spend some quality time with your new pet. Treats and toys are a surefire way to love at first sight! Heeding the right precautions and ensuring that youíre in control of your petís safety and happiness means more time for precious cuddle sessions with your new adopted family member.