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Can My Dog Eat That? A Safety Guide to Giving Human Food to Dogs

What is it about dogs? They seem to want a taste of every bit of food we're eating, and we’re never quite sure if it's suitable for them to eat. Well finally- we have the answer to this age-old, never-ending problem.

Meats are fine for your dog but you need to follow certain rules. You must ensure that you cook all meat thoroughly and remove all bones; however, if you’re giving your dog a bone then it must be uncooked. This is vital to remember as cooked bones can get stuck in your dog’s windpipe.

As for fruits, the majority will be fine for your dog, but ensure that you avoid cherries and raisins. The rest are healthy, and they will help contribute to a balanced diet for your dog. It is much the same story for vegetables; and as long as you avoid onions and garlic, they are great addition to your dog’s diet.

This infographic from Woofs Upon a Walk outlines everything you need to know about what meat, fruit, and vegetables your dog can and can't eat.


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