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  4. Jack (10/7/13)

Jack (10/7/13)

Pet of the Week
Pet of the Week photo Breed:Pug
OwnerAnne Auditore
Jack is a rescue from Mid Atlantic Pug Rescue, when Jack was surrendered to MAPR about a year and a half ago he had grade 4 bi-lateral luxating patellas (basically his knees popped out of joint every time he walked). MAPR did the surgeries for fix Jack's legs during the summer of 2012. We adopted him in August of 2012. Jack is now living the dream life, healthy, happy, and showing other MAPR fosters just how to be a care free pug. Jack has a foster brother, and a foster sister, as well as an adopted brother Sebastian. Jack loves to play with toys, go for w-a-l-k-s, eat, sleep, and enjoy treats! Jack is a happy go luck pug and has welcomed many foster brothers and sisters into his home over the last year! Jack goes to all the MAPR events and loves meeting new dogs! He likes to go to the dog park for meet up and lick all the other dogs in the park! He is a silly guy with a great outlook on life! If you cant beat em lick em!

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