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Jake the Eternal Puppy Has Cancer

Meet Jake, an adorable 10-year-old black lab mix.

Even though he is almost 10, Jake is still a puppy at heart.

Nine months ago, Jake went in for surgery to get a cancerous tumor removed from his right foreleg.

After surgery, Jake got to enjoy his favorite snack.

Sadly, Jake recently found out that his cancer came back.

But after the high cost of his first surgery, his owner can't afford to pay for another round of surgery and radiation bills.

If Jake can't raise the money to pay for his vet bills, doctors are going to have to amputate his leg.

For an eternal puppy like Jake, losing a leg would take away one of his happiest joys in life: going on walks and hikes with his owner.

Jake needs your help. Donate here or share his story so that everyone can meet Jake the Eternal Puppy.