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Jelly 12/22/14

Pet of the Week
Pet of the Week photo Breed:Pug
Location:San Pedro, California
OwnerJan Roberts
I have fostered dogs for many years, and even though I was tempted many times, I never became a “foster failure”and kept any of these cuties for myself.

That all changed when little Jelly the Pug came into our lives. She arrived here after being rescued as a sick, emaciated stray puppy in S. Korea. A wonderful group there cared for her for many weeks until she was well enough to fly to the U.S. She was still fragile, but oh my what spunk and spirit she had! Not to mention ADORABLE.

Jelly thrived here and had lots of adoption interest. None felt quite “right” to me, I found something wrong with all potential homes. After several months I realized that there would never be a home I thought was good enough! Yes, I was now a failure. A foster failure.

Jelly has been here 3 years now and has welcomed many, many other fosters. We call her our tiny ambassador. She boosts their confidence, comforts them, and shows them the ropes. She still suffers from various health issues due to her rough start and has had pneumonia twice. We came very close to losing her last year, but she finally rallied.

We cannot imagine life without our little girl. How can a 10 pound dog be such a huge presence in our home? We adore her!
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