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K9 Advantix II Reviews | EntirelyPets

There are a wide variety of medications available
to remove or prevent fleas and ticks on our pets.
However, among the sea of solutions offered,
there is one name that seems to stand out as a
customer favorite: K9 Advantix II. K9 Advantix II
has been loved by customers for years and it's
not just because we all know the song by heart. Customers constantly re-order K9 Advantix II and stay loyal for one reason: amazing results. To show you exactly what I mean, we've included some of our favorite reviews.
This review from StarIrinaSakura tells of the medication's efficacy for her Chihuaha/Shih Tzu
"When I first got my dog I was unsure of what to use. After a while, I thought I didn't need to have any type of insect protection for him since he was indoors, but what I didn't know was that my mom loved to garden and that led to her bring fleas into the house. I was so frustrated every time I found a flea on him. Granted we caught it early enough and bathed him in flea killing shampoo so that it didn't spread so much, but my goodness after the 5th time I had had it. I ordered this product and have not seen a flea on him once. It's easy to apply. Bathe dog, put a couple drops along the back, and he's good to go! My area has tick as well. I've gotten him the Lyme vaccination, but this reassures me that he's be protected. Love this product!"
Sakura's tale teaches us that we don't always expect to need flea and tick medication. Even in situations where fleas and ticks shouldn't be an issue, the pests find their way to ruin our good time. So remember, it doesn't hurt to be prepared. Another review from Callmond tells about her experience using K9 Advantix II on multiple pets of various mixed-breed dogs:
"I switched to K9 Advantix a few years ago after Frontline Plus stopped working as well and I was impressed with how much protection this gave. My dogs are primarily outside and I've always had issues with flies and mosquitoes bothering them even with Frontline but that's no longer an issue with Advantix. My dogs are happy and so am I!"

Callmond reassures us that K9 Advantix does more than your average flea medication by repelling a wide variety of pesky insects. Another reviewer, Missy gives a glowing review about her experience using K9 Advantix II on her Bearded Collie/Briard Mix. "been using this brand for a while now. used to use front line....but , when I moved down south from Michigan to savannah, it wasn't enough coverage!!!! plus, I brought my horse down with me and , I noticed he would get the occasional tick, which he never got up north, even though we have ticks up, I switched to K-9 advantix II, and no ticks on my long-haired dog! and no flea break-through in 2-3 weeks!!! entirely pets is the best source for your pets needs! the best prices and the fastest shipping!! no matter where I go, entirely pets goes with me!!! thanks a million" [sic] Missy's case shows that K9 Advantix II is not only effective but it's also fast-acting. Thanks for writing Missy! Another review by Tongster writes of his successful experience with his Labradors. As you can see, Tongster kept his review short and sweet: "I have two labs and Entirely Pets has the best price for this product. This product also kills ticks, which I have in my area. Great product and price and it comes so quickly in the mail."

"Thanks Tongster! Those are just a handful of the 352 reviews people left for
K9 Advantix, 95% of whom gave the
product a full five stars!
To order K9 Advantix II for your dog today, visit the EntirelyPets store."
K9 Advantix II Reviews from our Satisfied Customers