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Kaytee Bird Food

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Kaytee Wild Bird Food Safflower Seed is a nutritious collection of safflower seeds that birds love. These seeds are ideal for attracting the beautiful backyard birds that bird-watchers love or for feeding your pet. Birds seek out the high oil content of safflower seeds and the bitter taste that repels squirrels and other animals makes them perfect for homes that wish to attract birds but keep away other pests.

Kaytee Wild Bird Food Safflower Seed can also be mixed in with other grains to create a desirable blend that all birds will love. This bag comes with 5 pounds of natural safflower seeds. Birds love these delectable seeds, so order today!

Key Features:
  • High oil content that backyard birds love
  • Bitter taste repels squirrels from feeders
  • Comes with 5 lbs of seeds
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