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Keratolux shampoo helps relieve excessive oil, scales, and crusts on the skin surface or dogs, cats, and horses. It works as an antiseborrheic and keratolytic to help aid in the treatment of certain skin conditions. Keratolux contains salicylic acid, zinc, and pyridoxine that work to help regulate the skinís production of sebum and skin cells. It also includes the use of spherulites, an encapsulation system, that makes the ingredients continue to work longer after application, and a natural skin barrier, to help protect against damage. Keratolux is a tar free shampoo that cleanses the skin without irritation.

  • Helps reduce scaling, crusting and excessive oiliness
  • Helps improve certain skin conditions
  • Long lasting ingredients
  • Anti-adhesive, anti-irritant formula
  • Contains natural skin barrier

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