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Does Your Pet Have Kidney Disease?

Kidney problems in dogs or cats is fairly common. The kidneys regulate the volume and composition of your petís body fluids. Kidney problems are not limited to any particular age or breed, but it is one of the most common medical problems of older dogs and cats and is a leading cause of death for these pets.

Kidney health is measured through urinalysis and blood test. These test can identify the problem before physical signs of kidney problems are noticeable. One of the frequent and early signs is an increase in water consumption and urination, but this generally does not happen until about 70% of the kidney function is lost. Here are other signs of kidney problems. For more information on kidney disease, check out our kidney and renal health center

• Loss of appetite
• Poor hair coat
• Depression and/or vomiting
A veterinarian will determine the proper treatment for your individual pet, which may include hospitalization, fluid therapy, as well as diet and medication. High blood pressure is the most common complications of chronic kidney failure. Also recommended is a well balanced diet with a reduced amount of sodium, phosphorus and protein. This helps prevent the buildup of waste materials in the blood and reduces the work load on the kidney. Here are some products that will help your pet battle kidney problems.
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