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KONG Tails

KONG Tails (X-Large) is the ultimate interactive toy, great for tugging, tossing, chasing, catching and shaking. The durable Classic KONG body creates longer tosses and a fun, unpredictable bounce when it finally hits the ground. The rugged nylon tails flutter in the air to attract your dog's interest and are fun to shake once "captured". Our unique loop handle provides a good, comfortable grip for tugging, and an added squeaker provides extra doggy delight.
  • For X-Large dogs weighting 60-90 lbs.
  • Interactive tug and toss squeak toy
  • Easy-to-use tug handle
  • Super durable formula
  • KONG Tails - Xlarge
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    KONG Tails FAQ

    Q) What are KONG Tails?
    A) KONG Tails is a new interactive dog toy that combines our Classic KONG with four durable nylon tails streaming out the bottom, and a sturdy tug & throw handle attached to the top.

    Q) Are KONG Tails available in all sizes?
    A) KONG Tails are available in Medium, Large and Extra Large.

    Q) Do the Tails squeak?
    A) Yes, there is a squeaker at the base of the KONG where the tails come together.

    Q) How is the KONG-shaped rubber piece on the Tails different from a regular KONG?
    A) Itís not different at all. We use an actual Classic KONG when constructing KONG Tails.

    Q) Are KONG Tails available in Extreme, Senior or Puppy rubber versions?
    A) No. Right now, we only offer Classic KONG tails.

    Q) What size Tails toy should I get for my dog?
    A) KONG Tails have the same size and weight recommendations as our Classic KONG (refer to KONGís sizing chart or product packaging for details).

    Q) Are Tails only for adult dogs?
    A) No. KONG Tails are great for both puppies and adult dogs.

    Q) Does this toy come with a 30 day satisfaction guarantee like the rubber toys?
    A) The KONG rubber is guaranteed for thirty days. The nylon straps and handle are not included in this guarantee.

    Q) Where are KONG Tails made?
    A) Like all KONG rubber products, the Classic KONG body is made in the USA, and the toy is assembled and packaged in the USA. The nylon tails and handle piece is imported from China.

    Q) Can my dog be safely left alone with the KONG Tails toy?
    A) No dog toy is 100% indestructible. As with any interactive toy, KONG Tails should be given to the dog under strict supervision. Please discard the toy if you notice tears, separating pieces, or missing pieces. However, if only the nylon is damaged, the nylon can be removed and the KONG can continue to be used.

    Q) Do KONG Tails float?
    A) No. For water play try the Cool KONG/Aqua KONG.

    Q) Are KONG Tails washable?
    A) Yes. Hand wash in warm water or machine wash separately. Hang to dry.

    Q) Do you sell replacement squeakers for the KONG Tails?
    A) No, replacement squeakers are not available for these toys.