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  4. Kylee 11/18/13

Kylee 11/18/13

Pet of the Week
Pet of the Week photo Breed:Maltese/Terrier
Location:Marion, VA
OwnerKim West
Kylee West is a sweet Maltese/Terrier mix puppy that we adopted in July of this year from Wythe County Humane Society.

Kylee is a sweet girl who is very smart and practically housetrained already! She loves to play outside chasing my son Austin as he practices soccer. Kylee loves the soccer ball even though it's twice her size! She'll play as hard as she can running and jumping as we throw her toys to fetch. Kylee also chases butterflies or any low flying bug that catches her eye! When she gets tired she likes to curl up beside us and take a nap! So she's the best of both worlds a run and play buddy and a cuddlebug too!

We've only known her for 2 months but already she's won her way into everyone's hearts and laps lol! I'd like you to consider her because she's a "pound puppy" and I promote these furbabies anytime I can. My favorite phrase is "adopt don't shop" because there are so many precious babies out there needing good homes for us to buy a dog. Many breeds and sizes are available. Not that there's anything wrong with buying a purebred dog but I like to show that adopted babies can be "winners" too.

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