Laguna Aeration Kit
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Laguna Aeration Kit

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The Laguna Aeration Kit helps a pond owner maintain a backyard water body and fish pond throughout the year, keeping it a vibrant, living environment for the plants and fish within. The Aeration Kit is designed to boost the level of oxygen in garden water systems as well as ponds. This type of gas exchange is critical for fish and plants to survive and grow in a backyard pond. Further, the Aeration Kit helps during the cold months in preventing a pond from icing over. When that occurs, the ability for oxygen to enter the pond is diminished otherwise.

The Laguna Aeration Kit works in ponds of all sizes, big and small. The unit simply has to be installed and the benefits on a given pond environment will be seen very quickly. Within a few days, the the aeration in a pond will be at optimum for the fish and plants in the water. Using a strong pump, winter-safe tubing, a diffuser, and floating styrofoam, the Aeration Kit will work year-round.

To recap, the benefits of the Laguna Aeration Kit include:

• A reliable source of oxygen in ponds or backyward water systems. • An easy-to-set up system. • A smart way to keep a pond from icing over during cold months when winter outside temperature gets below the freezing point for water. • A reliable gas exchange to keep pond fish and plants healthy.

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