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Laguna Barley Straw Pellets (2.5 lb)
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Laguna Barley Straw Pellets (2.5 lb)

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Laguna Barley Straw is designed to assist backyard water system owners keep their ponds clear and healthy as much as possible. The best part about the product is that there are no chemicals involved; with the use of barley straw the cleaning process is entirely natural. So there's no residue or contaminants entering into the water.

The manufacturing of the Laguna Barley Straw is in pellet form. This allows a slow-release process when exposed in a pond. However, prior to use, the product stays dry in a compact pellet form for easy storage and packing. When pulled out for use, the pellets are inserted into the pond water with a mesh bag (included). The pellets break down slowly, exuding a critical enzyme that then helps clean the pond water. The pond stays healthy and the pellets break down to natural components, adding to the soil of the pond bottom. There is no harmful side effect to fish or pond plants.

Other benefits include:

A package that will provide a pond owner supply for up to 12 weeks. One bag will effectively treat 1,250 gallons of pond water. A natural way to keep a pond healthy without the use of strong chemicals throwing water balance out of whack. An easy-to-carry 2.5 lb bag that won't cause any strain moving.

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