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Lazor Blade Rake Laube

Lazor Laube Blade Rake is effective for removing dead hair, loose hair undercoats, manes, tails and smoothing tangled coats. Lazor Laube Blade Rake is just the right tool to use on dogs, cats, horses, cattle, farm and zoo animals. Features an 8 position rachet head for optimal grooming. 8 Positions Adjustable Angle Locking Head - ease for your wrist comfort E-Z to Push the Rake through Short Hair, Long Hair, Medium Hair, Matted/Tangled Hair, Dried Muddy Hair, Blood, Cat Grease, Dirt, Food, Stains, Feces, Etc. Quick E-Z Blade change and uses your regular or Standard Wide Snap on style Blades Easily Resharpens 75 Laube Blade Types Available including all the popular sizes! Laube Comb and Brush attachments interchangeable E-Z Push Ergonomic Deisgn - makes it go quick! Perfect for Double Coated Breeds & Shedding Animals Great for Removing Dead Hair, Loose Hair Undercoats, Manes, Tails, and Smoothing Tangled Coats Perfect for Healthy Dogs, Cats, Horses, Cattle, Farm, and Zoo Animals Super Lightweight Hole Notch on the handle for hanging Can be Disinfected, Cleans easily Most superior in its class Made and manufactured by Laube brand