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Lee's Gravel Vacuum, 5-in

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Lee's Gravel Vacuum will make your job easier and keep your underwater buddies tank feeling fresh and clean! The Ultra Self-Start Gravel Vac is designed to separate tank debris from gravel and remove it from the aquarium while performing routine water changes. It includes a self-starting siphon, a hose clip, and a wide-mouth nozzle, which increases surface coverage to enable faster, more efficient cleaning using less water. This kit has everything you need to keep your scaly sidekicks clean and content!

Key Features:

  • Made in the USA!
  • Designed to separate debris from gravel and remove it from the tank.
  • Features a unique self-starting siphon design.
  • Features a wide-mouth nozzle to increase surface coverage and aid in more efficient cleaning.
  • Available in multiple sizes!

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