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The Life Stages of Your Pets

Newborn puppies sleep almost constantly. By 2 or 3 weeks of
age, it will start seeing and hearing, while the other senses
continue to develop. By the end of the first month, it will begin
to growl, howl and bark. Between 4 and 6 weeks of age, engage
in some rough-and-tumble play-fighting with their littermates.
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Although some dogs don't become emotionally mature until
they are almost 3 years old, most reach adulthood at 18 to 24
months. Apart from specific aging-related illnesses, such as
diabetes and arthritis, dogs begin to encounter the familiar and
gradual deterioration in physical abilities by time.
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Ensure you give your dog more regular health checks and keep
a watchful eye for any problems. Groom your dog as old coats
may get thicker and more difficult to manage unless carefully
looked after. You should ensure that your dog still gets enough
exercise. Also feed your dog a specific diet.
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