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Meet Livi, The Loving Border Collie Mix!

Pet of the Week Pet of the Week
Breed Border Collie Mix
Location Central Texas
Human Robyn
Story Although Livi had a long road to find her family, “she’s now here to stay,” says her mom, Robyn. Livi was part of an unplanned litter in rural Texas. When the puppies were old enough, the owner dropped them off at the local shelter to find homes. Happily, a rescue group picked them up. Shortly after being rescued, Livi had to be treated for Parvo. After she recovered, the adoption coordinator contacted Robyn, and told her that she may have the perfect dog!
Robyn and her family had to wait a few weeks to be certain Livi had recovered fully with no danger of a relapse. Once this was confirmed, little Livi traveled more than 200 miles from her foster home. Livi loves to play with the kids, go on hikes, and learn new tricks! Livi has even become a minor celebrity at the school where Robyn’s mom teaches! The students and teachers enjoy videos of her latest tricks. Robyn, Livi, and the family are looking forward to many years to come!
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