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Meet Luci Ann the Charming Chihuahua

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Pet of the Week
Luci Ann

Breed  Chihuahua Mix    
Location  Amite, Louisiana    
Human  Cathy C.
Story  This is miss Luci Ann She was born on June 14, 2012 under an abandoned house along with her four brothers and sisters in Amite, Louisiana. Because of limited room in local shelters, Luci was adopted quickly into her first home. This wonderful lady worked to find Luci and her siblings fur-ever homes. Luci was only three weeks old when her new human came to pick her up.

Cathy, Luci's human had lost her home and way of life in Kartrina and needed a furry friend for support and love. It was two years later that Luci became Cathy's best canine companion. She is always loving and incredibly smart and obedient! Some of Luci's favorite things to are play fetch and ride in the car. These two were destined to meet, what a happy ending!

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