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Luka, the Mystery Pup!

Pet of the Week
Pet of the Week

Breed  Belgian Tervuren Shepherd    
Location  Tampa, Florida    
Human  Wendy Dahle
Story  Woof, woof! Have you met Luka? This four-year-old Belgian Tervuren Shepherd hails from Tampa, Florida. Luka's human explains that there is a strange story behind how Luka came to be part of the family. Wendy and her family had just lost their 15-year-old Tervuren-mix, Nike in August of 2012. They had decided the house was too quiet, so they headed to the mountains in South Carolina to get away. Wendy explains that she was not really thinking about getting another dog, but had been emailing a man who raised purebred Belgian Tervurens on his farm in North Florida. He told Wedy that he had four puppies, but three had already been spoken for. The requirement to get one of the puppies was at least a $40 donation to Salvation Army and the promise of not feeding kibble. Wendy agreed and sent her donation to the Salvation Army.

She had never met this man; only communicated with him online and visited his website to see photos of the beautiful dogs. Other than that, Wendy had little confirmation that the man would even let her take home a dog. Finally, she got confirmation and planned the pickup of their newest family member! They met the mysterious man at a nearby motel just off the interstate. Now this man had no cell or telephone, and Wendy had to give him an approximate time of when we would be there because the only way to contact him was online. They had agreed on 1 pm. Wendy and family got there shortly before 1 pm and waited. She had emailed the man the color of her truck and trailer. Wendy explains that her husband thought she was crazy.

Wendy and her husband had no idea whether he would show or not, and they had gone 300 miles out of our way! It was then that a white Honda pulled into the parking lot. A man got out and opened the back door. There on the seat was their Luka! He was so cute and fluffy! The man had few words to say and handed them their new puppy. Though Luka has some big paw prints to fill, he is forever loved by his family.

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