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  4. Macy (7/29/13)

Macy (7/29/13)

Pet of the Week
Pet of the Week photo Breed:Boston Terrier
OwnerMelanie Luther
This is Macy, a 3 year old Boston Terrier.

I decided to get a second Boston Terrier as a companion for my other dog. My first dog came from a breeder and is amazing but I decided that I really wanted to help rescue dogs so I adopted from the Arizona Boston Terrier Rescue. My dog at the time was 3 and I wanted a younger dog that could keep up with her, this can be hard to find since the younger dogs usually are adopted fastest.

I had been looking on the rescue's website for a few months until I found Macy who was 1 1/2 years old and born 100% deaf. The rescue was having a meet and greet and I decided to take a chance so I took my dog and we went to meet Macy. The rescue had a bout 10 dogs there and Macy stood out to me right away. She came over and started licking me and just looked at me as if to say I pick you. I knew that even though there are some struggles with a deaf dog, she needed a loving home as much as the other dogs.

The rescue brought her over and we had her for a month trial run and we fell in love with her. Macy is a bit of a spaz, she is very sensitive to light and loves the "light show" that happens through the blinds. Macy licks EVERYTHING, and plows through things like a bulldozer earning the nickname baby buffalo!

Macy is the most loving dog I know, and although she can't hear a thing, it never slows her down.

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