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  4. Maggie (10/12/09)

Maggie (10/12/09)

Name: Maggie
Breed: American Shorthair Tuxedo
Submitted by: Janet S.
Location: Howell, Michigan

Maggie is a 5 year old American Shorthair tuxedo cat with three legs.

Maggie's back left leg, hip, and much of her stomach skin had to be amputated when she was just a few weeks old due to her developing gangrene when a small leg wound was neglected by her original owner. When Maggie became sicker and sicker, the owner finally brought her in to see the vet. She ended up signing off as Maggie's owner due to the expense of the surgery she would need.

Although the vets weren't sure that this very sick, tiny kitten could survive such extensive surgery, they wanted to give her the chance rather than euthanize her. So they did their best and it was very difficult surgery, but luckily she made it through. She was going to need special care and a good home to welcome her, and I was lucky enough to hear Maggie's story from a friend who worked at the vet hospital where she was treated.

She has been with us since shortly after surgery. Despite her missing leg, when she runs (which is most of the time) she is the fastest cat I've ever seen! When she walks (hops), she looks like a bunny!

Maggie's favorite treat is Greenies and her favorite toy is the ribbon chains I used to put on our Christmas tree. She loves to sit very still while I stand over her and sprinkle the chains down onto her. (I know, it's strange, but who knows what goes on in those little heads!) She likes to have her head scratched and to sleep at the foot of our bed every night, but she doesn't like to get in her carrier to go for vet checkups!

Maggie is a very good cat, but she is also very skittish and jumpy. Her vet says she has an anxious personality, and it's possible that the trauma of her early injury, pain, and surgery is somewhere in her memory and will always keep her a little fearful. She is our only pet, and the vet says she wouldn't do well with other pets around, which is kind of sad.

We're using Feliway to help with her anxiety, and it seems to help somewhat. (Just ordered a 3-pack refill from Entirely Pets! It's pretty expensive stuff, but your prices are the best I've found!)

Feliway Fling-ama-String Toy Greenies Feline


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