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Make Your Own Pet Costume

Necktie for Dogs

•Old Necktie
•Fabric glue
•Dog collar
1. Cut off the thin end of the tie at the desired length. To determine the appropriate length, decide its length and add twice the width of your dog's collar.
2. Bend the top of the tie back, being sure to leave enough room for the collar to slip through the loop, and glue it into place.
3. Lastly, slip the collar through the loop and enjoy!

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Make it!

Princess Leia

•white cotton fabric
•black felt
•brown yarn
•brown ribbon

This guide is broken into three facets of the costume to give you an easy walkthrough of each aspect of the costume
1. Measure your dog from one ear to the other over the top of his head and if he has long ears, measure them, too.
2. Cut the brown yarn to the appropriate length- remember that it will be curled into a bun so use at least a foot to be safe.
3. Keep gathering yarn at your measured interval from end to end until i tbegins to look like like a hairy scalp.
4. Use an stiff piece of paper to flatten the yarn and center it to create a hairline.
5. Use a sewing machine to sew across the yarn and card in a straight line.
6. Take the yarn/card out and carefully tear away the card.
7. Place the hair on your dog’s head to determine where the buns should start. Mark it by tying a piece of yarn to the area.
8. Using long pieces of yarn, twist to form a single strip before wrapping it in a circle to create a bun. While forming the bun, use tacky glue throughout the process to set the yarn in place. Repeat the process for the second bun.
9. Put the buns on the marked area and trim away excess yarn.
10. When they are fully trimmed, glue them to the head piece.
11. Glue ribbon along the inside lining of the yarn while leaving enough room to tie it onto your dog’s head.

1. Trace a [pattern onto the fabric that is bigger than your dog and leave extra room for the seam.
2. Use a sewing machine to hem the sides (if you don't own a sewing machine, you can always use fabric glue instead).
3. Use sticker Velcro to attach the dress on your dog.

1. Cut a 1-inch thin strip of felt
2. Decorate the belt if you want it too look fancier with felt marker.
3. Put the belt on your dog to measure where it best attaches.
4. Use the sticker Velcro to attach the belt.
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Make it!


•A white, twin size sheet
•A length of elastic
•A black marking pen
•A needle and thread

1. Drape the sheet over your dog's head and body so that it falls evenly.
2. Pin the spots that hang past the dog's feet, marking it for a future cut.
3. Use your pen to mark the spots where your dogs eyes, ears and snout are and make a small, subtle mark where his neck begins to demark where you will later attach the elastic to prevent the sheet from sliding off.
4. When everything is marked, remove the sheet and cut the holes for the ears, eyes and nose
5. Cut the edges of the sheet so that the dog's feet will be free from excess fabric
6. Attach the elastic on the inside of the fabric where you marked the neck's location
7. Put the costume on and enjoy!
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Make it!

Fake wound

•A solid red bandana or triangular piece of red fabric or felt
•3D Fabric paint
•Black and grey markers
•Fabric glue
•Thin cardboard

1. Draw a bloody shape on the red fabric that reaches across the full span of your dog's neckline. If you do not sew, make the bandana an extra 10 inches long to tie around his neck
2. Cut the bandana along your markings
3. Use the 3D fabric paint to enhance the bloody look on the border of the bloody shape
4. Sew the velcro to the ends of the bandana
5. Cut out a knife shape from the light cardboard and decorate it with the markers, don't forget to use the 3D fabric paint on the blade for added effect
6. Separate the knife of the blade from the handle and glue them both to the edges of the bandana with Fabri-Tac or a hot glue gun and allow it to dry
7. Cover the dry area of the glue with fabric paint
8. Put the bandana on your dog and enjoy!

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Make it!