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Meet Marisa: The Rescued Lab Who Only Had a Few Hours to Live

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Breed Labrador Retriever
Location Bangor, Maine
Human Marie Lyons
Story This is Marisa. I rescued her from Cullam, Alabama when she was just 10 weeks old where she had until 5pm that day to live. I filled out an application and 30 minutes later I was on a conference call with two of the nicest ladies Iíve ever spoken to. I had just lost my flatcoat retriever mix Maggie 2 two days prior to cancer and my heart was broken. I needed to fill the void with a new girl and I knew Marisa needed me as much as I needed her. My Husband and I picked her up from the transport in Wells, Maine just two weeks later. 10 months later we gave her a brother who was on his way to a shelter because the owner couldn't handle his energy. Two years later, in April of 2012, we gave them a baby brother, Alec, who we rescued from a Mobile, Alabama kill shelter. He had just two days to live when we rescued him. Our family has rounded out wonderfully and they all love each other very much. Marisa is the matriarch of the house, which keeps her busy and keeps us jumping to her every command.
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