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Matteo (12/14/09)

Pet of the Week

Pet of the Week winner
Name: Matteo
Breed: Siamese Mix
Submitted by: Cameo B.
Location: Spring, Texas

Matteo was rescued by me after losing my precious Pharaoh, also a Siamese mix rescue, to FIP. Pharaoh was one of the sweetest cats I have ever owned and as bizarre as it seems, the day I brought home Pharaoh’s ashes, Matteo began to take on more of Pharaoh’s qualities. Matteo was already a sweet cat, but now he began to cuddle with me and follow me around the house. I can sleep w/ my arm around him like a stuffed animal and he will not budge all night. If I go to another room and he doesn’t realize it right away, you will soon hear him meowing loudly throughout each room until he finds me. Often I will hear him and call his name and he will come running while still screaming for me. Other Siamese cat owners will understand when I say this is not a normal meow. Not only does he love to snuggle with me but he loves his buddy Gizmo, another male Siamese mix rescue. If he could snuggle with the other cats or dogs he would. He always greets visitors by talking to them and rubbing on their legs until he gets a little love from them. Matteo drinks like no other cat I have had. Be it from a bowl or sink he will put his paw down in the water and then take his paw up to his mouth and lick the water off, and repeat until satisfied. Usually while I shower he waits on the floor mat until I am done. And when I come home from a day of work or errands, as soon as I sit on the couch he is right next to me balled up. Even if there is another cat or dog near me he slowly moves in to whatever small space there is between them and me. He always makes sure to not move too suddenly b/c he knows the other animals might get mad. One evening my boyfriend placed some cash on the counter and walked away. Matteo immediately jumped up there grabbed the cash in his mouth and took off! What a little raccoon thief, going straight for the cash! J His favorite toy is anything small that he can bat around the house. I often lose contact cases and pill bottles because I leave them on the counter and as soon as he knocks them over it is game time! He has never really cared for treats so I guess his favorite treat is just attention! The only cat food Matteo likes is Purina One. Any other cat food, no matter how high end, causes issues for his Malabsorption Syndrome. Matteo also loves to sleep in the bathroom sink, even if the water is running slightly for my other cat to drink from! His favorite spot on the bed is right next to my pillow even if I am not there. If the dogs are in the house you will often find my male Pit Bull right next to him with his head on the pillow. The two of them passed out spoiled rotten. I wouldn’t have it any other way! My pets are my children, my family and I cherish them!

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