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Meet Max, The Smiling Bichon!

Pet of the Week
Pet of the Week

Breed  Bichon Frise    
Location  Bethlehem, PA    
Human  Christ and Sharon S.
Story  Ready for some adorable fluff? Meet Max! Let's start off by saying, Max is undoubtedly king of the household. He is loved so much, and certainly spoiled! Sharon explains that her kids might even say he's spoiled more than them. Max travels everywhere with the family, from errand running to hiking and swimming - Max welcomes every adventure with a wagging tail!

What else makes Max special? He's super smart! He speaks, gives high fives, and shows you where his toys are. He even knows the word massage, and is always excited for his leg rubs and therapy time in the pool. When it's time to play, Max loves to wrestle with his human friend, David.

When it's time for dinner, Max is ready. He sits with his tail wagging and wears an expectant grin. Max has brought tons of love to the family, and his mom Sharon, couldn't imagine a day without him. Congrats on being our Pet Of The Week Max!.

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