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Milo (1/12/09)

Name: Milo Johanson
Breed: Greater Swiss Mountain Dog/Border Collie mix
Submitted by:
Lanie R.


Two months ago, quite by accident, I met Milo, a shelter dog waiting to be adopted. It was love at first sight and I had the same immediate instinctive connection with him that I had felt when I first met Zoe, nearly eleven years ago. One look into those eyes, and I melted. Milo is approximately two years old. He is a Greater Swiss Mountain Dog/Border Collie mix. He is 60 pounds and growing. He has had some obedience training, and I still cannot believe how lucky I am to have found him (or did he find me?) As you can see, he is not only handsome (he knows the word and his ears perk up when he is told that he is handsome) but he is also very attentive, gentle , calm, and is extremely intelligent. Within three days of adopting him and bringing him home, he learned that if he wanted someone to throw the ball, he had to bring it back and "drop it." Within another couple of hours, he learned to "leave it." He follows me everywhere I go, from one end of the house to the other and wants to be by my side wherever I am. He has impeccable manners riding in the car and also when we visit people and other animals. He wants Louie to play with him, but Louie has told him "no," and Milo respects Louie's space. (Dachshunds are so bossy!) Milo will start training in April to become certified as a therapy dog. I've been told he is a perfect candidate for it and I am eager to get started. This not only will be a positive and healing experience for the people we visit, but a healing experience for me, as well.

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