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Misty (7/27/09)

Pet of the Week
Pet of the Week winner
Name: Riley
Breed: Blue point Siamese Mix
Submitted by: Janet P.
Location: Louisville, KY

This is Misty, our glamour puss. Her favorite toy is a furry mouse. She loves to play and watch the birds outside the window. She doesn't like to be held for very long, she's really very shy, but she's photogenic! She make's a great model. She was chosen Miss September in the 2009 KY Humane Society calendar and she and her sister, Mandy, were pictured together in the Louisville Courier-Journal newspaper, "My Pet Rocks" column. Her favorite trick is - "bring the mouse to momma".

RC Mouse Jed Ball 2
Play-n-Squeak Mouse RC Micro Mouse Cat Quest Toy


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