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  4. Moana Leesa (11/16/09)

Moana Leesa (11/16/09)

Name: Moana Leesa
Breed: English Bulldog
Submitted by: Jennifer R.
Location: Memphis, TN

Moana Leesa is a 7 year old English Bulldog that lives in Memphis, TN. She loves her destructible ball and has worn 1 out and is on her second. She will push the ball into trees and other dogs while flying around the back yard. Her favorite treat is her Glycoflex III that she gets so that she can continue to do her favorite thing….Agility. She has both her Open Preferred titles and is working in the excellent class. Her best friend, really the only friend she has, is Foster a 7 year old Lab rescue that she has played agility with for 5 years.

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