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  4. Molly (9/20/05)

Molly (9/20/05)

Name: Molly Submitted by: Tom and Gloria
Gaineville, FL About: "Molly is a very special pet. When she
was hit by a car two years ago, the vet told us
having a handicapped dog was a large responsibility
and we might want to consider having her put to
sleep. For us, it was not an option, and we have
never regretted our decision. Molly uses a wheel
chair to get around, wears diapers, needs to be
bathed frequently, and has more than her share of
minor skin problems, but she gives so much love in
return. Molly shares our household with our other Sheltie,
Maxwell. Molly's favorite game is to grab Max's
tail and let him pull her around the house. She
is a well-traveled pet. We have an airplane, and
she often flies with us. She also enjoys boat
rides and has visited the children at a local
daycare center." Likes: Pigs' Ears, playing catch with a cloth ball,
and long walks.
Dislikes: When people don't pay attention to her.
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