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Naked Leaf Liniment Gel

Naked Leaf Liniment Gel. Absolutely Nothing Artificial | 100% Organically Grown Full Spectrum Hemp All natural organic hemp liniment helps support normal inflammatory response and connective tissue support. This full spectrum nano liniment for horses contains the valuable natural benefits to aide in the comfort of your animals that may help inflammation associated with normal daily exercise or competition.

Competition Statement

Some ingredients in Naked Leaf Animal Pellets are forbidden under the USEF/FEI Drugs and Medications Rule; however, provided the products containing these substances are properly administered with adherence to the 7-day abstinence/withdrawal period ore-competition, recommended by the Naked Leaf Company, horses under the owners discretion can attend competitions. If the product is used inappropriately with e.g. careless usage per-competition, this could result in a positive finding in the blood and or urine of the horses, which could be a potential violation of the rules.