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Natur-Hemp Organic Hemp Oil

Natur-Hemp Organic Hemp Oil (1 fl oz / 30 mL) is suitable for both dogs and cats. Natur-Hemp is safe, effective, and non-psychoactive while alleviating joint pains and soothing stress, naturally. Its simple 2 ingredient formula of Hemp Seed Oil and Helianthus (Sunflower) Oil is veterinarian formulated. Great for mixing just a couple drops into any treat or food!

  • Works well on anxiety by keeping your pet calm and happy.
  • Boosts overall vitality, puts that pep back into your petís step.
  • For petís in need of joint pain relief, it reduces inflammation where it matters.
  • Loud noises and fireworks can be scary. Make your petís uncomfortable situation into a comfortable one.
  • Support your petís healthy-looking skin and soft, shiny coats.