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Operation Neptune Spear

The Navy SEAL's Dog of War

Information regarding Cairo, the Navy SEAL dog who helped take out bin Laden, is largely being kept secret. Through the rumors, however, we know that he joined the 23 man raid into bin Laden's compound. His role is also being kept under wraps, but it is believed he was tasked with one of three things: either sniffing out explosives, finding the Al Queda leader, or perhaps even taking bin Laden out.

Cairo's tactical equipment included a state-of-art tactical vest, estimated value of $30,000. These bulletproof vests allow trainers to see what their canine companion sees, and relay commands. Rumors that Cairo was outfitted with titanium fangs are likely false. The military only replaces missing or damaged teeth with metal ones, not healthy teeth. After the mission was over, he joined the 23 SEALs to be honored by President Obama.

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