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  6. New Age Pet Kitty Klimber Replacement Scratchers Sisal (23.20" L x 7.50" W x 0.30" H)


New Age Pet Kitty Klimber Replacement Scratchers Sisal (23.20" L x 7.50" W x 0.30" H)

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New Age Pet Kitty Klimber Replacement Scratchers Sisal is an excellent choice of material with which to cover a scratching post. Scratching pads provide an approved area for your cat's scratching enjoyment and health. Replace old worn out pads and help to keep your furniture and other household items from being damaged. Remember that cats need to scratch so replacing the pads is important. Easy to replace the worn out pad by simply sliding the pad down the channels on the back of the Kitty Klimber.

About New Age Pet

Pinta International brings you innovative pet products that you and your pets will love. Their high-quality products are bright, stylish, and built to last. Pinta believes your pet is a full fledged member of your family, and you're devoted to his comfort and happiness, which is why you insist on the best products for him. For over 10 years, they've manufactured durable, high-quality plastic pet products for some of your favorite brands. From insulated pet homes that will keep your pet comfortable year round, to the most vibrant, unbreakable pet bowls on the market, they've got products for the new age of pet ownership.

Key Benefits:

  • Made of sisal fabric which is a rope-like material that cats really like to dig their claws into
  • Cats love this sisal scratching because they feel as though they are leaving a visible mark for other cats to read, plus it feels great to them
  • Keeps healthy scratching to the pad and eliminates unwelcomed scratching on other surfaces. Scratching is an essential part of a cat's mental and physical health

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