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18 Must-Have Products For New Cats

Make sure the litter box is large enough for your cat to move around in and get comfortable. A covered litter box will reduce the risk of accidents down the side of the box or on the surrounding walls. Make sure you have a good sturdy litter
Ultimate Litter Scoop Catit Littershield
Cat Pan Set
LitterLocker Plus Refill
scoop. Many litters recommend a specific scoop for assurance of cleanup.
Kittens are very mischievous and love to play. Have plenty of objects for them to bat around and Ďkillí. Tasty treats are always a good way to reward your kitten.
Loofa KONG Cat Wubba Lean Treats
Due to the high number of urinary and kidney problems in cats-which are directly related to diet-we recommend starting your kitten off right. Look for a dry food that uses all human grade ingredients, with no artificial chemicals or preservatives.
Pro Biolac Kitten
Formula 40g
Simply Wild Chicken &
Brown Rice
Otis and Claude
Lucy Pet Bowls
Incorporate grooming as part of your feline routine, so that your cat will enjoy the attention. Brushing your feline regularly also reduces the risk of hairballs. Longhaired cats should be groomed a couple times a week, while shorthaired cats at
FURminator My
FURst Groomer
Miracle QuickFinder
Safety Nail Clipper
Soft Paws for Kittens
least once a week. Most indoor cats will need to have their nails trimmed on a regular basis, and although most felines
will never enjoy the experience, they can learn to tolerate it.
Cats love a good nap. Provide them with a safe, quite place to retreat to when they need to unwind and dream of chasing mice.
PetMate Round Cuddle
Cup w/ Sheepskin
PetMate Attract-O-Mat
Tunnel Sleeve
Heated Cat Bed
by PetMate
Itís important to keep your kitten flea and tick free early. However, before treating your pet it is important to read all labels and consult your veterinarian. Depending on the topical and instructions, certain flea and tick controls should not
Frontline PLUS for Cats Advantage II for
Cats under 5 lbs
cats up to 10 lbs
be given to kittens younger that 8 weeks old.