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  4. Nutri-Cal (4.25 oz paste) by VETOQUINOL

Nutri-Cal (4.25 oz paste) by VETOQUINOL

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Nutri-Cal is a supplement that boosts dietary intake in pets, particularly those who are malnourished or lead extremely active lifestyles. Nutri-Cal features a high potency mix of protein, fat, vitamins and minerals to supplement regular pet diets.


Nutri-Cal by Vetoquinol is a caloric supplement to help boost dietary intake in pets, particularly those suffering from under-eating or malnourishment. Those animals that need an extra boost in their diet or vitamin balance will benefit greatly from a regular regimen with Nutri-Cal in addition to their regular food intake. The product also works very well for working dogs that consume a lot of energy in their duties and need to be kept fed on the road to keep their energy levels up.

Nutri-Cal Paste includes a high-potency mix of protein, fat, various vitamins, minerals, and various organic acids, producing an energy-boosting calorie booster that will keep animals at their motivation peak rather than suffering from hunger or lack of nutrition.

Packed in an easy to carry 4.25 oz container sold by Entirelypets.com, Nutri-Cal Paste is easy to serve to a pet while in transit, on the road or in the backwoods, taking up little space and weight. For hunters or team animal leaders, this product is the perfect go-to food supplement for their animals. Just don’t get any ideas of making it a personal snack. Your canine friend might not appreciate sharing his travel treat.

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